DATES: SEPT 4, 5, 6, 7 4PM-8PM SEPT 8, 9 11AM-3PM
  • Pilates Continuing Education Seminar for PMA credit with NORA GOMEZ-DEARS

    Wednesday August 1st CADILLAC WORKSHOP 1pm-3pm 2.0 Continuing Ed Credits $90 WUNDA CHAIR WORKSHOP 4pm-6pm 3.0 Continuing Ed Credits $135
  • Lessons with NORA GOMEZ-DEARS

    Thursday August 2nd (All Day up until 5pm) Private and Semi Private lessons Private lesson $110 Duet lesson $65 per person (10% discount for Teachers)

    Thursday August 2nd 5-6pm Open Level Archival Mat Class $25 per person
  • Lessons with USPA's SHEILA MELLO

    Wednesday June 27th 7am-5pm
  • United States Pilates Association's Authentic Pilates™ Teacher Trainings

    Smartbody Movement is a teacher Certification Center for the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program which is the first, oldest (started in 1992) and most comprehensive program in the world. The Certification Program is based on a training manual designed by the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program with the assistance of Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska, who was taught by Joseph Pilates and taught with Pilates until his death. This training manual is copyrighted and can only be used by the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program. This Certification Program is now provided exclusively throughout the United States by the United States Pilates Association, LLC (U.S.P.A.). It is led by Brett Howard, the Director of Education and the Senior Teacher of Teachers of the U.S.P.A. The program requires 675 hours of extensive apprenticeship, training and teaching. There are three intensive seminars, and a completion of a Practical and Written tests are required at 200 hours (for the Basic level), 400 hours (for the Intermediate level) and 600 hours (for the Advanced Level). Seminars are given throughout the program by highly trained Teacher of Teachers. Only AUTHENTIC PILATES™ method is taught by the program. This method is taught in the same manner, sequence and style that was designed by Joseph Pilates. Continuing Education Seminars including Archival Seminars (containing exclusive footage of Joseph Pilates himself, which is licensed to be used by only the U.S.P.A.) are required once certified. Apprentices who come out of the program are among the most well trained Pilates Instructors in the world. Their Certification is recognized by everyone in the Pilates community. Smartbody Movement also hosts Continuing Education courses for already certified teachers of Pilates. All courses are instructed by Teachers of Teachers of the U.S.P.A. Please see the U.S.P.A. website for detailed information, and feel free to contact Smartbody Movement for UPCOMING SCHEDULES and sign-up information. The United States Pilates Association, LLC (U.S.P.A.) (888) 484-8772 www.unitedstatespilatesassociation.com
  • GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Teacher Trainings

    Smartbody Movement is a Teacher Training Center for GYROTONIC International Headquarters. The studio thus hosts Pre-trainings, Foundation Trainings and Continuing Education Courses by Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis Pre-trainer, Iwalani Kaluhiokalani and various other internationally recognized Master Trainers of the methodology. The first step toward becoming a Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis Trainer is taking classes with a certified Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis Trainer. Smartbody Movement has a total of four different trainers who can accommodate your needs and schedule. People typically need to take ten or more Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis sessions before they have enough experience to begin one of the level I teacher training programs. For those who want to become a Gyrotonic Trainer, but don't have access to Gyrotonic classes in their area, there is also an opportunity to take the Extended Gyrotonic Pre-Training course which provides an additional three day introduction to the Gyrotonic level I, progression exercises. Please contact Smartbody Movement for UPCOMING SCHEDULES and information.