Smartbody Movement chooses its instructors with great care. Each of our teachers is part of a dynamic team. We give highly individualized and expert instruction! 


    IWALANI KALUHIOKALANI founded Smartbody Movement in 2002. She has practiced the Pilates Method since 1997, certified the following year and has been certified in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® since 2003. She is a Pre-Trainer (teacher of teachers) in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. Additionally, she is a Center Director and Teacher of Teachers for The United States Pilates Association™ (U.S.P.A®). Smartbody Movement is the only Boston area teacher training center for Authentic Pilates™, the original New York based program of Classical Pilates. Educated in Laban Bartenieff Movement as a CMA (certified movement analyst), Iwalani observes and documents movement patterns of the body as they change over time. Her teaching style addresses process and comprehensive movement in regard to its physiological function and expression. Iwalani has studied at and is certified through the following organizations: U.S.P.A.® , The PhysicalMind Institute, SmartSpine™, GYROTONIC® International Headquarters, and the Laban Institute of Movement Studies. Her current repertoire is influenced by her long term studies with many great teachers, most specifically Brett Howard, Pilates elder Mary Bowen, Gyrotonic founder Juliu Horvath, and Hilary Cartwright (Yoga for Dancers, Gyrotonic). Iwalani also has a strong educational background and understanding of anatomy and biomechanics in the Visual and Performing Arts. She studied Painting and Drawing at Bard College and Massachusetts College of Art. She holds a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art, where she graduated with distinction and departmental honors. She additionally studied modern dance and performance art while in college and continues on ongoing practice to this day. She is also a professional artist who shows her Paintings regularly with Galatea Gallery of Boston's SOWA district.

    ANN BROWN ALLEN is a USPA Authentic Pilates™ teacher. She has also completed the PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Mat work certification and The Power Pilates Teacher Training course. In addition to teaching at Smartbody Movement, she is a full-time Instructor of Jazz Dance and Ballet at Boston University. For the past two decades, Ann has toured New England, New York and Europe with all of Boston's major modern and jazz dance companies, including Peter DiMuro and Associates, Back Porch Dancers and Dance Collective of Boston. She has also been a guest artist with several ballet companies. Ann earned her BA in Education and Psychology at Simmons College.

    JENNIFER BENDER has been practicing Pilates since 1997. She was certified in Authentic Pilates™ in 2015. She was certified in Peak Pilates in 2014 and teaches Nutrition at UMass Boston. She focuses on having her students gain self-mastery of their bodies and a return to health through Pilates through movement and lifestyle. Jennifer is also a Boston based environmental scientist at Boston University. She is actively involved in bridging gaps between scientists, policy makers, the public and other stakeholders when it comes to issues relating to the marine environment and our coastal zones. She is a consultant, Executive Director of the Marine Studies Consortium, writes for Community Voices on Boston.com and for Edible Vineyard on Healthy Oceans. Jennifer hold's a Master's degree in Administration and a Ph.D. In Geography and Environmental Science.

    FERNADINA CHAN has studied Pilates and GYROTONIC® for many years. In 2008, she became a certified GYROKINESIS® instructor and in 2009 a certified GYROTONIC® instructor. Fern was the founder, artistic dean and the co-chair of the dance department of Boston Arts Academy. She dedicated 34 years to Boston Public Schools as a dance educator until her retirement in 2012. During her tenure at BPS, Ms. Chan garnered numerous awards including: the "Distinguished Arts Educator in Dance” from Massachusetts Alliance for Arts Education in 1999; Surdna Arts Teacher Fellowship in 2001; Teacher of the Year from the International Network of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education in 2005; and Educator of the year from Boston Public Schools in 2011. Before moving to Boston, she was on the faculty of the State University of New York in Binghamton. She received her B.A. in Physics from Southern Illinois University and M.A. in Dance from the University of Illinois. A Conant Fellow, Ms. Chan received her M.Ed. from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1993. Fern enjoys working with movers of all abilities and all ages. In addition to teaching at Smartbody Movement, she has taught GYROKINESIS® at Boston University, Boston Arts Academy, high school and college dance festivals, and currently at Mt. Auburn Club.

    KATIE DOYLE MILLER is currently an apprentice with the USPA Authentic Pilates training program. She initially began her Pilates teacher training in 2012 receiving a mat class certification through the Equinox teacher training program. Through 2012-2013 Katie battled her own health issues and found that pilates was a strong component in helping to keep her body and mind strong. As a result, Katie decided to further her training in order to provide this service to others. Katie is a physical therapist with a masters of science in PT from Ithaca College. She spent 9 years providing inpatient rehabilitation for individuals after traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders. She now currently provides PT to individuals in their homes and spends most of her "free time" with her baby boy.
  • LYNN (the one and only)

    LYNN (the one and only) is an avid dance student and performer. She has been practicing Pilates for 15 years and is a USPA Authentic Pilates™ teacher since 2014. In addition to dance and Pilates, Lynn loves swimming and yoga. She is inspired by students who strive to improve their health and well-being by applying Pilates principles to their hobbies and everyday life. When she is not in the studio or swimming in a pool or lake, Lynn is busy as a radio producer.

    SHARI REPASZ has been teaching Gyrotonic exercise since 2013. With a background in Pilates and Stretch and Strengthen, her teaching experience spans more than 18 years of dance education for children through adults. She has taught explorative, contemporary, ballet, musical theatre and jazz dance in the Boston area independently as well as at Dancers Workshop ofSudbury and The Rivers School of Weston. She has choreographed for large scaled musical theatre productions such as Chicago, West Side Story and others. As an independent choreographer and dancer, she has formed a number of companies locally in Boston and produced many works for various venues, including her 2005 epic suite, ‘128 - An Inner State’ performed at Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge and later released on DVD. She has also performed with a variety of local companies including Adrienne Hawkins and Jody Weber. Shari occasionally performs with her composer husband Ben Schwendener and The Mobile Trio.

    MARY ELLEN LIACOS is the Studio Manager and instructor and Smartbody Movement. A New Hampshire native, she moved to Boston in high school to pursue her dance career. She attended and trained at Boston Arts Academy and The Boston Conservatory where her journey in Pilates began. Mary Ellen graduated from UMASS Boston with a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and has been recognized for her work in arts and social activism. She currently works with several non-profits in Boston that raise social consciousness. Mary Ellen continued her Authentic Pilates™ training at Smartbody Movement and has worked with fantastic educators such as David Freeman, Brett Howard, Clare Dunphy, Peter Fiasca, Iwalani Kaluhiokalani, Sheila Mello, Jennifer O'Mara and Cary Regan through the United States Pilates Association. Mary Ellen currently dances with Anna Myer and Dancers, Continuum Dance Project and Brayton Dance. She incorporates her training in dance with her Pilates practice and instruction at Smartbody Movement.